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Lip Gloss (Matte, Shinny, Glitter)

Turn around time 2-3 weeks.

Additional information


P1, P10, P100, P101, P102, P104 12ml, P105, P108, P109, P11, P112, P113, P127, P128, P129, P130, P141, P142, P142-1, P142-2, P143, P151, P152 15ml, P153, P153-1, P154, P156, P157, P157-1, P157-2, P17, P17-1, P171, P181, P184, P185, P188, P2, P21, P23, P24, P25, P25-1, P25-2, P26, P27, P28, P29, P3, P30, P32, P33, P34, P35, P36, P38, P4, P40, P42, P43, P44, P44-1, P45, P46, P47, P48, P49, P49-1, P49-2, P49-3, P49-4, P49-5, P5, P50, P51, P53, P55, P56, P57, P57-1, P57-2, P58 15ml, P59 15ml, P6, P60 10ml, P61, P62 12ml, P63, P64 15ml, P65, P66, P66-1, P67, P67-1, P68, P68-1, P69, P7, P73, P75, P75-1, P8, P81 12ml, P84 10ml, P88, P9, P90, P92, P93, P94, P95, P95-1, P95-2, P95-3, P96, P97, P98, P99


1 Dustm Dreams, 10 Sugar Plum, 11 Blush Me, 12 Wine, 13 Blushing, 14 Bomb, 15 Goddess, 16 Over You, 17 Adel 19, 18 Changes, 19 No Guidance, 2 Vinyl, 20 Crush, 21 Glowup, 22 Last Dance, 23 Out loud, 24 Liquid Fire, 25 Lip Goals, 26 Purple Glitz, 27 Charming, 28 Rich, 29 Doe, 3 Taste, 30 Cocoa, 31 Velvet Touch, 32 Abigael, 33 2AM, 34 Icy, 35 Fairy, 36 Milan, 37 Owl, 38 Sweet Dreams, 39 Candid, 4 Gorgeous, 40 Orchid, 41 Bade Alert, 42 Maple, 43 Boss Up, 44 Role Model, 45 Miss Conduct, 46 Bawse, 47 Bang Bang, 48 Nibble, 49 Icon, 5 Berri Bliss, 50 Bloodshot, 6 Wild, 7 Aba Ibadan, 8 Fetish, 9 Frisky

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