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who specializes in life and health coaching. Shanail realized after battling Lupus for two years that she wanted to help people reshape their lives and live healthy.

Shanail is also a motivational speaker and Lupus Activist. She founded the organization FIGHT4LUPUS to help bring awareness to the chronic illness and to help fight for a cure! Shanail holds the title as “Health Coordinator” at Total Life Changes.


Total Life Changes is a company that specializes in health and wellness, and they provide 100% organic products to improve your health and quality of life. Shanail is an successful entrepreneur who has been honored as “Most Courageous Health and Speaker” for 2015. Shanail has been featured in the New South Tm Magazine and has been a guest on the TLC Insight show. Recently, Shanail partnered with FailSafe Era as a Program Director to help and support kids who have incarcerated parents, all while holding the title as Co-Founder for the organization Girls United 4 Life where she works with the youth and serving in her church. The Lord has truly blessed Shanail Monick and you will be blessed with her amazing testimony.


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Motivational Speaking

Spiritual Coaching

Event Host & Emcee

Social Media & Brand Manager


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